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Based on traditional cooperage methods, the distinctive design of Luxwel saunas is perfect for outdoor use. The unique relationship between Luxwel hot tubs and saunas means that our saunas work perfectly with our hot tubs, which double up as plunge pools to cool off in, for that authentic sauna experience.

When used on a regular basis, Luxwel saunas hold a multitude of benefits. High temperatures generated by the sauna naturally cleanse and rejuvenates the body, by causing it to expel harmful toxins through perspiration. This process is also extremely good for the skin, and stimulates respiration and the circulation of blood, which aids weight loss. The dry heat of the sauna relaxes tiered and aching muscles, and sooths congested respiratory systems. In broader terms, having a private sauna or hot tub provides you with the luxury of having a secluded environment within which to enjoy precious leisure and relaxation time, and de-stress and unwind.

Our outdoor saunas require no specialised tools to assemble. All boards are pre-cut to their exact dimensions, making assembly simple and straight forward.

The unique circular barrel design provides a much superior heat/steam circulation, versus square or rectangular rooms. The 1 and ½ thick Canadian cedar wood provides a natural insulation barrier for heat retention, while still allowing the sauna to breath. With a circular design there is 23% less area to heat compared to the same size box style sauna, making our barrel saunas more efficient to run.

All Luxwel Barrel Saunas come with the following:
  • 4.5kW or 6kW Harvia Sauna Heater
  • Light
  • 8mm Glass Door
  • Heater Guard
  • Magazine Holder
  • Beverage Holder
  • Robe Hook
  • 4l Bucket
  • Ladle
  • Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Sandtimer

The saunas vary by size or canopy only. The brochures for these are below:

Canopy Barrel Sauna Specifications

Non Canopy Barrel Sauna