Hot Tub FAQ’s

Power Requirements

A single phase 30 amp power supply with dedicated R.C.D (E.L.C.B) should be fitted within close proximity of the sauna.

Please note that all electrical connections must be carried out by a licenced electrician.

Installation Duration

Typical installation is 1 day.

How much does a hot tub cost to run?

On average it costs around £1 per day to heat a Hot Tub but this can vary according to the time of year, size of the tub, and amount of use. In addition to this, Luxwel hot tubs are equipped with the latest Balboa Spa Control systems, and have 3 in-built energy saving modes, which can effectively reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%. In a further bid to increase the efficiency of Luxwel hot tubs, locking insulated lids are available to purchase, and will help protect the inside of your hot tub from the elements. The wooden hot tub itself is made from 1.3/4″ thick solid Lunar Wood walls, which greatly increases the tubs capacity to insulate the warm water.

How long will it take to heat my hot tub from cold?

For frequent use we recommend using an electric heater so the tub is ready to use when you are. However for infrequent use a wood burning heater is a very efficient choice. Please click here to read about hot tub heating times with a wood burning hot tub heater.

What preparation is required?

Luxwels highly qualified design team will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is taken care of. The LunaWood™ used to produce our hot tubs is designed to sit on an existing patio or decked area. The details of the location of your hot tub will be discussed with the design team, and you will also be advised on access, electrical work, and drainage, if required. For your convenience, Luxwel tubs can be simply filled using a hosepipe, with no direct water connection required.

What foundation do I need for my hot tub?

Please see more information here on hot tub foundation and placement options.

Does the Hot Tub need plumbing to a water supply?

No, Luxwel hot tubs are filled using a hosepipe, and the water only needs changing every 6 months. The water can be drained using the internal hosepipe connection or a cost-effective water pump, which can be bought separately.

How do we keep our Hot Tub clean?

Luxwel LunaWood hot tubs are of the highest quality, and can simply be wiped with a soft cloth when the tub is emptied. In between emptying the tub, the highly efficient filtration system keeps the water clean and in perfect condition for use, allowing your Luxwel hot tub to remain clean and hygienic. Luxwel LunarWood hot tubs are actually easier to keep clean than the generic plastic units, as recent research has shown that wooden surfaces harbour fewer bacteria than their plastic counterparts. This is due to woods natural disinfectant agents, and this, together with the appropriate water treatment system, like the one in Luxwel hot tubs, help maintain a hygienic environment. It is a myth that wooden hot tubs will turn green and slimy.

For more information on cleaning your hot tub, refer to the Luxwel hot tub user guide, which you will receive when your tub is delivered. Weekly maintenance normally takes 10 minutes.

Do I need to use filtration?

Many people forget that bacteria also can be found in “clean” water, or arise there and they especially like bathing temperatures. An effective and easy way to provide protection from bacteria is to use detergents, for example chlorine. Different brands can be obtained, but the important thing is to use products for the “right” temperature. Cleansing products used in swimming pools are not suitable for warmer water and vice versa. If you don’t have filtration, we recommend that the water is used only once.

Please click here to find more information on hot tub water hygiene.

Should I shower before entering the hot tub?

Keep in mind that a person who has not washed him/herself before will pollute the water 200 times more than somebody who has taken a shower. Sun lotion, skincare products, soap should not get into the water and that’s why we suggest to take a quick shower before enjoying a hot tub.

Will my hot tub Leak?

All wooden tubs will leak for the first few days, which is perfectly normal. This is because Luxwel hot tubs are made using a similar technique to ship building. The tub is designed to expand when filled with water, and the combined effect of water and heat causes the wood to expand and form a watertight seal. This approach allows Luxwel hot tubs to avoid coming into contact with any unnecessary harmful chemicals, and it also means that all of the joins in your tub will be clean and seamless, providing an overall more impressive aesthetic.

Will my hot tub need treating?

The Lunar wood used in Luxwel hot tubs is durable and long lasting, and while it does not need treating for structural sake, it is advised that you treat your tub in order to maintain the woods colour. However, some customers do prefer the maintenance free approach, and like the natural silver colour of the wood as it ages.

Can they be used all year?

Absolutely! In fact, we think that some of the best hot tub experiences are on frosty, clear evenings, or even in the snow, if you’re lucky enough. A feeling of beating the typically cold and inhospitable weather rushes through your warmed blood as soon as you dip into your hot tub. You are able to defy the darker seasons and enjoy the outdoor air all year round with a Luxwel hot tub. We only recommend that you take something nice outside with you to drink.

Sauna FAQ’s

What preparation is required for a barrel sauna?

Luxwel saunas are versatile and durable, all that is needed is a level base to stand the unit on. Good examples of these are patios, decking and concrete. A suitable electric supply is required to power the electric saunas, and all electrical connections must be verified by a licenced electrician.