Hot Tubs

Luxwels elegantly hand-crafted hot tubs reach their potential in an outdoor environment, where you can enjoy a combination of luxury and nature in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We offer one of the thickest tubs on the market with specially refined joints that will stand the test of time, and will not decay.

Luxwel hot tubs use only the finest materials, and are made from specialised cedar wood that is heat treated, to avoid any unnecessary contact with chemicals that may be harmful to delicate skin.

We offer standard sizes below; however, we are able to craft and customise tubs to nearly any specification.

Luxwel hot tubs have the additional option of a wood burning heater, or an electric heater and Balboa spa pack, which can include powerful jets and LED lighting packages.


5ft / 1140 litres
6ft / 1870 litres
7ft / 2670 litres
*Depth 4ft


All tubs can be purchased with no heater if you plan to use your own heater or use simply as a refreshing plunge pool.

Electric Heater

Electric heaters offer the most convenient type of heating whihc can be controlled using a control panel. These heaters are best if you plan on using the tub more than three times per week.

Wood Burning Heater

Luxwel hot tubs utilise traditional Japanese Chofu heaters, which have been the preferred and much desired choice of the Japanese for centuries. Having a wood burning heater installed on the outside of the hot tub provides a sense of chic luxury, with its traditional method of heating heightening your overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing as you lay back in the wonderfully warm water. These heaters are ideal if you have a good wood supply making the running costs very low. They can heat a tub from cold in around three hours.

Hybrid Heating

Hybrid heating is available on all models and allows the use of a wood burning heater and electric heater for the best of both worlds.


Unless you are using your tub as a plunge pool we strongly recommend using filtration. The various options are below.

Standard Filtration

Our standard units are perfect for cleansing the water supply and protect against bacteria.

Bactisafe UV Filtration

When you want an even more effective treatment of water and at the same time to reduce the use of chemicals, then UV-C water purifier. It is attached after the filter, and consists of a tube through which runs a certain amount of water within a certain period.

Hybrid Filtration

If you would like to be extra safe we recommend using both filters listed above. This is the best option for hot tubs that are used regularly and for public use.