Terms & Conditions

All claims concerning delivery must be made within 7 days after the arrival of the goods. Claims in writing must be made to [email protected] with information of the order number or invoice number.

Return of goods
Returns approved by the seller must be returned to the seller’s address and the freight must be paid by the buyer. On condition that the goods are returned unused and in perfect condition, they will be credited to their full value. Before returning goods, a return number for the consignment must be agreed upon with the seller.

The prices can be seen in the price list and cover delivery and order rates up to the next price adjustment time. The prices include VAT, other possible taxes and fees.

Assembly costs include full assembly of the items. However, on-site installation of electric, water and similar things cannot be done in advance and therefore are those not included in the assembly costs.

General warranty for Luxwel products
The seller guarantees that goods delivered to the buyer have 2 years warranty against material and manufacturing faults counted from the delivery date.

Control system and pumps
The warranty covers technical defects due to material and/or manufacturing defects.

Pipes, jet system, massage system
The warranty covers leakage, material and/or manufacturing defects on hoses, nozzles and control system.

Filtration / ozone / UV-cleaning
The warranty covers material and/or manufacturing defects. Changeable filters or ozone cartridges / UV lamps are not included in the warranty.

Underwater lighting including transformer
The warranty does not cover lamps and other light sources that can break under normal use.

Insulated lids made of artificial leather
The warranty includes material and manufacturing faults. Possible colour changes caused by UV-radiation are not included in the warranty

Divergent from the text above, the warranty period for products in commercial use is 6 months.

What the warranty does not cover
The warranty does not cover damage that is a result of careless use, secondary damage caused by careless use, incorrect installation, product modifications, and weather phenomena beyond our control. Whenever possible, it is the owner’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prevent damage either from occurring or deteriation. The warranty does not include any eventual defects that are typical for wooden products. This includes moisture expansion, colour changes, cracks etc. which the owner can control by carrying out the correct maintenance. Abnormal leakages, due to material and/or manufacturing defects, are covered in this warranty.

Possible freezing damage that occurs after delivery is not included in the warranty. It is always the user who must prevent freezing damage from occurring. This is in force both before and after installation.

The responsibility lies with the person doing the assembly and it is his responsibility to ensure that the assembly complies with our directive. We cannot be responsible for problems resulting from incorrect assembly done by a third party.

The warranty does not include problems caused by misuse of chemicals. The buyer should follow the given recommendations, and in unclear cases he should ask the seller for advice.

Repair kit
Products using Marine Seal may require maintenance. Carefully read the specific instructions included with the repair kit before any repair is made.