Marine Seal

Marine Seal finish is an elastic transparent material that is coated onto the inside of the hot tub, providing a durable, clean surface that is easy to maintain, while protecting the inside of the hot tub.

It is based on the principles used in sealing decks of luxury yachts. The sealed, smooth surface provides a cleaner feel to the tub, and will improve water clarity and ease of maintenance.


LunaWood™ is Grade A pine wood that has undergone a special heat-treatment that leaves it impervious to dry weather, easier to maintain, and resin seepage eliminated. In addition to this, the insulation capacity of the wood is improved by as much as 30%. The special heat-treatment process effectively ages the wood by over 200 years; firmly cementing its stability as a material that is both durable and inherently fit for purpose.

The Benefits of LunaWood™
  • Wood becomes a darker, more luxurious colour all the way through
  • Risk of mould formations is drastically reduced
  • Insulation capacity improved by 30% on standard wood
  • Resin is eliminated
  • Material is lighter, but is more durable
  • Moisture content is reduced by up to 90%
  • Environmentally-friendly material without additives
  • Minimal maintenance, oil treated once a year if required
  • Wood is more stable, meaning that it will not leak
  • Wood maintains a durable and stable shape
  • Not sensitive to dry or damp conditions
  • Allows permanent contact with water, as well as resistance to weather and wind.

During the heat-treating process, the wood is effectively aged, so that its structure becomes like that of hundred year old trees, rendering the wood far superior in terms of its strength and durability.

In addition to the exceptional durability of heat treated LunaWood™, another benefit is the woods colour, which resembles more “exotic” species of wood, ranging from light to dark brown.

LunaWood is more expensive than ordinary pine, but the cost is recovered through its durability, which leaves it an almost maintenance free material. Hot tubs made from LunarWood stand the test of time, and are a beautiful addition to any outside space. For the sake of aesthetics, we recommend a simple oil treatment once a year to maintain the colour of the wood. Alternatively the wood can be left and it will turn a dark silver colour.

Environmentally Friendly

The material is kind to the environment, and has no detrimental effect on nature through the use of unnecessary and harmful chemicals. During the heat-treatment process, only steam and heat are used, no toxic chemicals of any kind are involved, which may also provide peace of mind when you consider that your skin will be exposed to the inside of these natural hot tubs.