Hot Tub Water Hygiene

Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the water used in your Luxwel hot tub is clean and safe. Water that looks clean and fresh can contain bacteria as the filtration is only supposed to remove particles; it has no influence on preventing the growth of bacteria or removing them. Therefore, always use cleansing products in the water where you are going to bathe. This is regardless of the material the hot tub is made of.

Please be aware that a person who has not washed before entering a hot tub will pollute the water 200 times more than somebody who has taken a shower beforehand. Sun lotion, skincare products, soap should not get into the water and that’s why we suggest you always take a quick shower before enjoying a bath. If the climate permits you can even have a shower area outside next to your hot tub.

Bathing in a traditional hot tub is very relaxing, even if it requires some work with planning and heating. Unfortunately, many people forget that bacteria also can be found in “clean” water, bathing temperatures are ideal for bacteria to multiply. An effective and easy way to provide protection from bacteria is to use treatments, for example chlorine. Different brands can be obtained, but the important thing is to use products for the correct water temperature. Cleansing products used in swimming pools are not suitable for warmer water and vice versa. If you don’t have filtration, we recommend that the water is used only once. However, it is not a health risk to use the same water many times if a suitable amount of chlorine is added.

You must always ensure you use the correct amount of chlorine. If the chlorine levels are too high then the PH-value will be increased and has a strong smell. In the worst case it can even peel off the sealing compound (if your tub has such). The chlorine levels should not exceed 1.5 ppm and pH 7.2-7.6. For bromine the level should not exceed 2.0 ppm and the pH should be 7.2-7.8. If automatic dispensers (floating, etc.) are used, careful adjustment should be made to avoid incorrect dosage.

Cleaning the hot tub

After using the water in a hot tub ideally it should always be drained out. Luxwel  hot tubs have a drainage system in the lower pipe, where also the water from the heater is drained. Once draining is complete the hot tub should be rinsed with clean fresh water. If the water has been in the hot tub for a long time, the hot tub must be scrubbed with pine soap for example. Remember also to clean under the benches. If you have a wood-burning heater from Luxwel, the burner must always be drained.

In you don’t wish to use chemicals in conjunction with filtration then the water should be renewed often. It is always best to empty the tub after each use and to rinse it thoroughly. Should you leave the water in the tub in order to keep it leak-proof then it can lead to an accumulation of bacteria.


An easy way to always have clean and warm water whenever you wish, is to use our filtration system with connections which have been developed according to the Clean water concept. The filter is used to filter away particles and deposits and in order to obtain an effective filtration, the water is sucked both from the base and surface through the filter and is pumped back at the base on the opposite side from where the surface water is sucked in. This way all the water will pass through the filter which is very important. Ensure that the filtration system you use really does what it promises. You can be confident that the system offered by Luxwel is superior and guarantees clean water.

The water is sucked out through the base suction and the skimmer before it passes through the filter. The dirt will stick there and clean water is sucked in through the pump and pressed back to the hot tub where it is mixed and cleaned again as long as the circulation pump is working. All water passes through the filter many times per hour and is cleaned effectively.

Five easy tips for maintaining good water hygiene if you have got a filtration system.
1. Take a shower before you get into the hot tub.
2. Add some bactericidal solution before and after taking a bath.
3. Control the ph-value and balance it if necessary.
4. Oxygenate your water on a weekly basis.
5. Clean the filter cartridge frequently and let the filtration system run sufficiently.

Ph-Value- it affects water quality. It should be around 7.2-7.6 and can be measured with a test stick. If necessary please balance the water by increasing or reducing Ph value.

Good to know! Is the water cloudy, it is always a result of bad filtration. Either the filtration periods have been too short and therefore could not filter the impurities.

Filter cartridge: The task of the filter cartridge is the removal of soil, sand, minerals, phosphate and dirt from bathing persons from the bath water.

Cleaning of the cartridge: The filter should be cleaned and rinsed with high water pressure, in addition the cartridge also needs to be cleaned thoroughly in depth. Even if it does not look dirty, it should still be cleaned on a regular basis. Minerals and other impurities can get stuck deep in the filter lamella and that can lead to problems with the flow. It is always recommended to have an additional filter. A filter needs to pass a cleaning- and drying process while the other one gets installed. The lifespan and efficiency of the filter can be doubled through the use of thorough and regular cleaning.

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