AquaClarus Hot Tub Filtration system


A question we often is receive is ‘How often should I change the water in my hot tub?’. Our response is that the same water should not be used multiple times unless it is correctly treated. It is possible to get rid of bacteria with chemicals such as chlorine, but that does not make the water clean and you can often find that the water looks quite uninviting, being  cloudy and greyish in appearance.

To remove such pollution, filtering is required. Traditional filtering requires connections in a hot tub for incoming and outgoing water. At freezing temperature, there is the risk of damage if the filtration equipment is not protected correctly with insulation.

Now there is an easier way to keep the water in your Luxwel hot tub clean. AquaClarus is a filtration system that hangs over the edge of the hot tub, and it fits all hot tubs on the market. Depending on the quality of the water it should run between ½ -2 hours. Impurities trapped in the filter can be easily removed and cleaned and there is also a changeable filter. The AquaClarus filter system is suitable for hot tubs and small pools up to 10m³.

We also recommend that chemicals are used in the hot tubs to maintain  the pH value between 7.2-7.6.

There are currently two versions of the system available, the AquaClarus 2000 or AquaClarus 4000.

The filter is adjustable vertically and the water is suctioned from the surface, at a rate of up to 4000 l/hour, and is then passed through a “pre-filter” that catches larger particles. The water then passes through a removable filter that can be cleaned after use. At the bottom of the filter the purified water is pushed out and creates a circulation in the water so that impurities from the bottom are also lifted up to the surface and passed through the filter.

This filtration system also works well as a “water stirrer” and is ideal for hot tubs with heaters that lack a circulation system. Power is supplied from a standard plug socket.

Note! The pump in AquaClarus 2000 gives 50% lower flow (2000l/hour) in comparison with AquaClarus 4000 where the amount of water that passes through the filter is 4000l/hour. AquaClarus 4000 filters significantly more water.

AquaClarus can also be combined with a 3 kW thermostatically-controlled electrical heater, connection and hole for water circulation. It is a simple but well-working solution that can be used for filtration and combined with electrical heating during all the seasons. The heater also has an insulated module that is fastened on the side of the Hot Tub.

The images below demonstrate this.

AquaClarus and 3kW heater

Below is a short video of the AquaClarus in action

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